Make Your OWN Custom Sheaths – Right In Your Kitchen!

Why On Earth Would This
“Evil Minded” Weapons Expert
Share His Most Treasured
“Conceal and Quick-Draw
Custom Sheath-Making Secrets With YOU?

Why? Because He’s Damned Tired Of Hearing How Honest Citizens
Turn Up Dead Because They Couldn’t Draw A Weapon In Time.

Now… With The Release Of This Brand New Revolutionary “How To” Package, You Can Make Your Own Professional “High-Speed Low-Drag” Sheaths Right In Your Kitchen… With No Special Tools Or Equipment.

Best Part: You Can Simply Create Your Own Personal Sheaths…
Or Turn It Into A Business Making A Cool $78,000 A Year!

From: Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct

Dear Friend:

Something serious just came to my attention.

So let’s stop screwing around and get straight down to it. Because this is life and death stuff.

Forgive my foul language...

But I’m Pissed.
Really Pissed.

And I don’t get this way without a good reason.

You see, my special project manager Jim Curley has just told me how some street punks in the Bay Area killed a man – a father just like me — for a few lousy bucks.

Okay… so what? Sounds like another typical news story.

But stay with me and hear me out. Because what really bothered me about this – what kept me awake all night feeling like I had a festering rat inside my skull — was that the victim had been armed with a knife…

But Couldn’t Draw It In Time
To Save His Own Life!

That’s right. He had a knife but couldn’t get to it because he was too damn busy struggling with some bullshit leather knife sheath.

This kinda stuff drives me nuts. Alright… yet another ugly, tragic story… but what the heck does all this have to do with YOU?


Because if this story makes anything clear, it’s this: If you’re carrying a weapon for protection – or even thinking about it — you’d better have three critical things on your side:

Look… undercover narcotic cops, deep-cover operatives, and special forces soldiers absolutely depend on “comfortably” concealing ANY weapon (with NO bulging or “printing”) while still getting secure retention with lightning fast “High-Speed, Low-Drag” draws.

This is no screwing around. When they need to draw their weapon…

It’s Gotta Be There…Fast…
Or They’re Dead.

It’s that simple.

And let’s face it – whether you’re working deep cover as a CIA agent in Afghanistan or simply walking to your car after a lousy business meeting – the rules are the SAME. When crunch time hits – when the chips are down and you’re facing an enemy willing to kill you — you simply can’t burn up precious seconds struggling to present your weapon. No… that will get you killed just as dead behind enemy lines as it will on the streets.

So here’s what I did: After Curley got my blood boiling with that story (damn him), I jumped on the phone and starting calling in some favors from my deep contacts inside the dark and scary recesses of the “personal combat” world.

I wanted to get an expert that could teach you how to create your own custom Kydex high-speed, low-drag weapons sheaths.

And that’s exactly what I’ve got waiting here for you now — a package that allows YOU to “build” your own personal custom sheaths that:

  1. Perfectly forms to your gun or knife for an incredibly snug fit that quickly releases on demand… (it’s why undercover DEA agents… off-duty cops… and “deep cover” CIA operatives have come to absolutely depend on this)…
  2. Can be custom molded to fit your own body for a comfortable “one of a kind” snug fit, (you’ll be the only guy on the planet this sheath is made for).
  3. Allows for a blinding fast “draw-speed” while still retaining the weapon securely – even under harsh jostling (which explains why combat soldiers rolling in the rain, mud and blood depend on these sheaths).

The best part is that:

You Can Make ANY Sheath Yourself…
Right In Your Own Kitchen!

In fact it’s amazingly simple… once you see how it’s done. What’s really astonishing is that you can make it with a minimum of tools and equipment. In fact, I guarantee you’ll be able to make a professional Kydex gun or knife holder…

Using Nothing More Than
A Hairdryer… Cotton Rag… Oven Mitts and Sand Paper

That’s it! That’s the “low-tech, no-tech” method. You got those things… you’re in business.

And when I say “in-business”, I mean it too. You can keep it simple and make custom Kydex sheaths for your own gun, knife, utility tool… (heck even your “Multi-Tool” tool, kubaton or cell phone) -- OR you can start producing these high-demand sheaths for the thousands of citizens who demand them – and make at least $78,000 a year in the process. Do it right from comfort of your own home. What’s more…

I’ll Even Let You
Learn It All FREE If You Want.

There’s even a very cool “Concealment Secrets” DVD that’s also yours FREE.

Here’s how you’ll learn all this: The expert who’ll teach you is the master himself — Mike Sastre.

Okay… so YOU may have never heard of Mike Sastre before — but serious gun or knife enthusiasts sure have.

He’s got a world-wide reputation among “insiders” for his custom made Kydex sheaths (maybe you’ve seen the feature articles about him in “Fighting Knives”, or “Tactical Knives”), and his little company River City Sheaths is backlogged for YEARS with custom sheath requests from deep-cover DEA, CIA, FBI, Anti-Terrorist forces, diplomatic security, U.S. Special Forces, Spec Op Soldiers and a lot more.

What’s more, top-quality knife manufacturers depend on Sastre’s expertise (just ask the presidents of “Cold Steel” knives and “Spyderco”), to create prototypes and sheaths specifically for “high-end” clients who are looking for the BEST custom fit. These big-wigs have nothing but praise for Mike because he’s simply the most knowledgeable guy on the planet when it comes to highly effective weapon sheaths.

And as strange as this may sound…

Sastre Credits His “Evil Mind”
For Doing MOST Of The Creative Work.

Yep… he swears that it’s his ability to “think” like the bad guys helps him design the most secure, concealable and fastest “quick draw” Kydex sheaths on Earth – always keeping his exclusive clients one step ahead of the criminals.

Better yet, Sastre says he can show anyone (that includes YOU), how to create your own “High-Speed, Low-Drag” custom Kydex sheaths… with NO special equipment… in LESS than an hour… right in your kitchen.

So here’s what I’ve set-up for you: I got Sastre on the first plane out to California just to see if this guy was as good as everyone said. Boy were they right — Sastre is the “real deal”. He knows the score, and knows that there are thousands of guys just like you who need to know what HE knows.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover in this double DVD “Kitchen Kydex” package:

And a lot more – a lot lot more. Like where to buy Kydex (and any other materials you’ll need) so you can get straight down to business quickly, with no screwing around trying to “figure it out”… exactly what “gauge” Kydex you’ll need for particular types of weapons (heavier weapons require a thicker gauge for more support and “spring”)… simple tricks to adjusting tension… where to add a little flare to ease of insertion of the weapon… how to instantly cure any “slop” that causes the weapon to rattle… and on and on. There’s simply waaay too much for me to cover here.

And like I said, there’s BIG BUCKS in making custom Kydex sheaths. Cops, knife and gun manufacturers, the military, and civilians all around the world demand custom sheaths (and gladly dish out $60 to $150 a piece for them). Why? Because the fact is, almost NO commercial knives and guns come with a custom fitted sheath. There’s simply no way a factory that can devise one for every type of comfort and draw manner that the customers want.

It’s why a guy like you – making just 5 sheaths a day (that’s an easy day)… 5 days a week (taking weekends off)…

Can Easily Haul In
A Minimum Of $78,000 A Year.

Do the math yourself: $60 per sheath x 5 sheaths a day x 5 days a week x 52 weeks = $78,000 a year… from your kitchen! Yes, it adds up quickly. And right now demand for these custom holders is through the roof! You’ll be one of the few people on earth who knows HOW to make them.

Either way — whether you simply want to create holders for your own personal needs, or you want to start making some serious money doing what you love… or both… you want to get your hands on this “Kitchen Kydex” DVD package right now.

Here’s what you need to do immediately: Click on the button below.

Or call my office toll-free line right now:

(Ask for Dept. KK-300)

Tell the operator you want the “Kitchen Kydex” package.

The price is just $97 – an absolute bargain considering that Sastre is practically spoon-feeding you his most treasured secrets. But (as he points out) there’s more than enough money in this business to go around.

Or, if you’d rather pay by check or money order (payable to TRS), send your $104 payment (that’s $97 + $7 S&H), to: TRS Direct Dept KK-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

If you do NOT want to see these DVDs… you know, like if you’re nuts or something… then do not call.

Your choice.

When you call, you can use your credit card. You aren’t on the hook for a penny of that, however. Because you have a…

Full, Unconditional
100% Money Back Guarantee…
For One Full YEAR.

Order these DVDs… and learn from them for 12 entire months. No pressure.

If, on the last day of your year-long guarantee period, you decide you want your money back… no problem. Just return the DVDs, and you’ll get a prompt refund… no questions asked. This is your chance at a “free peek”. I trust your judgment and no matter what you decide, we’ll still be friends.

But wait… there’s MORE. I want to give you (FREE) Sastre’s cool new “Concealment Secrets” bonus DVD. Because what really convinced me that Mike was the man – what PROVED beyond any shadow of a doubt that he was the master -- was when he was able to…

Conceal A 16-Inch Bowie Knife
Wearing Nothing But Shorts and a Tee-Shirt!

No kidding. Right in my office – and NO ONE on my entire staff had suspected for a second that he had so much as pocket knife on him. This was absolutely amazing -- so amazing that I asked Sastre, (on top of everything else) to also reveal his concealment tricks.

The result is astonishing. In this new “Concealment Secrets” DVD you’ll discover:

And a lot more. This special “Concealment Secrets” bonus (worth $49 all by itself) is yours to keep, even if you decide to return the entire package for a fast and full refund of your purchase price. Consider it a little “thanks” for trusting me on this.

But hold on… there’s more. Sastre insisted on also providing you with a complete reference guide to make this as easy as humanly possible for you. This “Shop Talk” booklet covers all the critical principles of Kydex… what temperatures to work with… details on creating a “press”… Universal Patterns… knife sheaths… pistol holsters… where to get supplies… the whole works.

It’s a quick review that you’ll definitely want at your fingertips while you create your masterpiece. Watch the “Kitchen Kydex” DVDs in the comfort of your living room, then use the “Shop Talk” reference guide while working in your shop. It allows you to work fast -- with total confidence.

Call right now.
Bob Pierce, President, TRS Direct
Bob Pierce
President, TRS Direct

P.S. Let’s recap, just so you’re clear on this deal. Call my office at 1-800-899-8153 and I’ll rush you:

  1. Mike Sastre’s “Kitchen Kydex” DVD package jammed with everything you’ll need to start producing your OWN Kydex sheaths and holders (for business or personal use) – right from your own kitchen with almost ZERO tools…
  2. A ONE YEAR guarantee. Watch it… use it… and take 12 full months to decide if you want to keep it…
  3. The “Shop Talk” booklet to use as a handy quick reference guide while you create your sheaths and holsters…
  4. The “Concealment Secrets” bonus DVD, yours to KEEP even if you return Kitchen Kydex for a full and fast refund. Plus… if you do return the package, I’ll send you…

P.P.S. Still don’t believe it? Well just listen to what guys who KNOW are saying:

“Mike Sastre is the King of Kydex! Mike freely explains tips and shortcuts to form Kydex from his many years of trial and error research.”
-- Sergeant Mickey Yurco, Knifemaker’s Guild (voting member).

“All I can say is ‘WOW’! After watching this video I started making Kydex holsters and sheaths and haven’t looked back. There’s just no way I could have done this without the Mike’s expert advice. Thanks for getting me on my way!”
-- Mark Ritchie, Central Valley, CA

“‘Kitchen Kydex’ has enabled me to make a holster and mag holder for my Walther TPH … a pouch for my SAK… and my Swiss tool. The DVD is geared towards the beginner but has so many tips and professional instructions as to be able to produce excellent products. The only tool I bought was a heat gun which makes everything easier and better looking. I had never worked with Kydex before and was pleased with the results a beginner can achieve! I couldn’t have done it without the DVD. Thanks!”
-- Ralph Lenehan, Hamilton, OH.

“Mike is the man when it comes to Kydex! His instructional video gives the ins and outs of making a Kydex carry system -- and his simple, direct and functional approach sets the standard!”
-- Bill Bagwell, Woodlawn, TX.

“Kitchen Kydex shows you in a clear, easy to follow way just how to make your own sheaths, holsters and pouches from Kydex. The only way to do any better is to either talk Mike into coming to your house to help or having him make it himself!”
-- James Miller, Ashtabula, OH.