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To: TRS “Most Favored” E-Hotlist Member

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Dear Hotlist Member:

First I want to make one thing clear.

This is strictly confidential -- exclusively for TRS “Hotlist Members” ONLY.

I'm not screwing around.

If you’re NOT a TRS member...

...if you didn’t receive an email from Bob Pierce with a special encrypted link to this page...

...or if your moral and religious beliefs mean you'd rather be killed -- or allow loved ones to die -- than use LETHAL force...

...then please leave immediately. Close this webpage and go about your day as if you never saw this.

Because what I've got here is...

Nothing But Barehanded
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...Bloody... vicious... ugly killing techniques.

Still here?...

Good, then let's roll up our sleeves and get busy.

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Here’s the story: My name is Derek Smith. You may remember me from some weeks back. I sent you a letter about my “Special Agent Combat Course”... the SAME vicious training taught to advanced U.S. Special Agents.

But what you may not know is that...

I Purposely Omitted
My Most Lethal Kill Moves!

This wasn't by accident.

I purposely left them out because...

I Was Scared It Would
Leak Out To The General Public!

Get into the hands of kids... dangerous felons... or worse.

I didn't want that to happen.

But I know now that won't happen.  The TRS "hotlist" has proven to be a small tight-lipped group.

I feel confident about revealing this kind of deadly information to you without worry. (But you won't see this in any newspapers, magazines, or anywhere else... only on this "hidden" webpage).

And when it comes to lethal combat, I KNOW what the hell I'm talking about.

I've served in THREE of the armed services, (that's very rare). Navy... Special Agent with the Air Force top secret (and super elite) special investigations unit... and the Army criminal investigations division.

I was chosen to protect the Secretary of Defense, U.S. Presidents (more than one)... and to perform the kind of undercover, counter-intelligence stuff that...

Most Men Can’t Imagine!

I was up to my eyeballs in super-classified stuff the government sometimes has to do, (and that I can't legally talk about).

As a TRS “hotlist” member, you're in an elite fraternity... a rare group that's now getting a chance to see ALL my dark killing tactics.

Use this ONLY for life-and-death combat.

It CAN happen. You may be FORCED to use these deadly tactics if say...

...some toothless goon off his meds has you trapped in a public restroom with a broken bottle...

...or a methed-up gang-banger targets you and your family for his first "initiation-kill"...

...or a pissed-off lunatic who's been pumping iron in prison for the last 3 years decides he wants to use your wife as his personal play thing...

...you'll be damn glad you know this stuff!

That's what this nasty "Kill Moves" DVD is all about. Simple, easy to learn, and oh-so deadly. And does NOT require that you have a lot of skill or strength.

What I've got may shock the hell out of you. Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

This WILL End It Right There...

...And a LOT more.

You won’t see this taught in a martial arts studio (they’ve never even SEEN these moves before)... or a $5,000 fight seminar (they wouldn’t DARE reveal this kind of killing arts)... or anywhere else!

This is about...

As Brutal And Nasty
As It Gets!

But WAIT... I've also devoted a section to killing with improvised weapons, clubs and knives too.

Because sometimes you'll have nothing but your bare hands... but OTHER times you may have access to something lying around...

...a wooden stick... a belt... a lamp cord... a knife... a piece of pipe...

...even a simple pen!

You'll want to know some tricks to take full advantage of these "tools". Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in this "Improvised Weapons" section:

And It Sure
Ain't Pretty!

Things like...

...Exactly how to thrust a knife to make 100% sure you stab through the ribcage and into the heart (an old military secret that makes sure you don't hit bone)...

... The trick to making sure your blade doesn't snap off inside him while he's still fighting you (not one in a thousand experts knows this, but now YOU will. Vicious insider info that you shouldn't tell ANYONE about)...

...Three easy to slash targets that'll quickly "bleed out" a highly combative opponent while you stand back and remain calm... disengaged from the dangers of the fight...

...The proper "stab, twist, and rip" technique to disembowel him in less than a second. Very wicked, but a highly effective way to...

Quickly Eliminate
Multiple Attackers!

...How a body's natural "suction" can clamp a vice-like grip on your knife after you stab him, (which can eventually strip the weapon from your grasp). I'll show you a simple trick to ensure this NEVER happens to you...

And a lot lot more...

...The "crisscross" grip that makes a stick instantly deadly...

...When to use a wind choke... and when a blood choke is best...

...Why the throat may not be the best target for a sharp stabbing improvised weapon, (hint: the body tends to "close up" around small puncture wounds)...

...16 highly effective "soft" targets around his body...

...and on and on.

These are all deadly secrets I personally learned as a seasoned U.S. military man and Special Agent... straight from the U.S. government’s most lethal “quick-learn” combat training.

And unless you’ve spent years in the most brutal U.S. military training...

...and endured savage, bloody hand-to-hand close-quarters combat...

...and personally stabbed, beat and choked the last breath from another man, then...

You Haven’t Got A Friggin’ Clue
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This "Kill Moves" DVD package NOT about holds... or submissions... or grappling... just instant death moves...

...Techniques that kill in a blink...

...U.S. combat "field tested" and PROVEN to work...

...and simply impossible to find anywhere else.

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TRS has been in business for 20 years because Bob Pierce treats his customers the same way HE'D like to be treated.

Total respect.

It's why he's able to attract the BEST fighters in the world.

Look... I've had to trust buddies with my life... so knowing Bob is a man of his word means a LOT to me.

HE is shouldering ALL the risk... which means YOU can check this out without concern.

It's your chance to see all this absolutely FREE if you want!

You can also order over the phone. Get your credit card ready and call the TRS office at:


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You can also pay by check or money order. Just send your $76 payment (that's $69 plus $7 shipping and handling) to: TRS, Dept KMV-300, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

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This is where I go DEEP into the subject of weapons. Specifically guns and knives. You'll discover:

PROVEN On The Battlefield
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...Hint #2: most guys make the mistake of concentrating on their weapon. Wrong. The key is to focus on taking out the opponent, (and I show you exactly how it's done).

And Gut Him
Like A Thanksgiving Day Turkey!

And much, much more. A vicious reverse thrust, (a very fluid and efficient stab-slash motion that'll end it quick)... a simple one-two knife shot that'll instantly eviscerate his throat and windpipe... the classic "Marine" stab under his clavicle (tried and true)... a front knife kill shot into his soft "sternocleidomastoid gap" (you gotta see this)... and a whole lot more!

This "Lethal Weapons" bonus is crammed with so much useful information you'll be giddy. Easy to learn, super deadly.

But the best part is that this bonus...

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Derek Smith
Derek Smith
Former U.S. Special Agent

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