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Demi BarbitoDemi Barbito became a street fighter before he turned 13, growing up in the meanest streets of southern Los Angeles County. His many years of experience have made him a unique instructor that anyone can learn from.

Aside from his real world street experience Demi Barbito has been certified personally in Brazilian Ju Jitsu by Rickson Gracie (3 years of hard - core training).

He also has full instructor status in JKD and Filipino Kali and is certified in close-quarter handgun combat (from the TAC FIRE Institute, where all top SWAT cops learn their lethal skills).

Most of his clientele are high-ranking black belts, SWAT cops, Drug Enforcement agents, Department of Homeland Security Agents, private club bouncers, Level 4 prison security guards (the guys who hold the line in maximum security prisons), and private citizens who have traveled all the way from Germany, Finland, Mexico, Switzerland, and Australia to receive his instruction.

Demi Barbito is a great instructor and has some great products available through Fightfast.com. Check out two of his Instructional DVDs available for purchase, Killer Instinct and Critical Distance: Extreme Close Quarters.

Easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to implement... It can't get any easier than this... Demi Barbito!

Products by Demi Barbito

Extreme Close Quarters, Demi BarbitoExtreme Close Quarters
Instantly recover from any surprise attack (even if you were sound asleep in your bed) with immediate tactics that will blind and disorient your assailant with unbearable pain. Put him down and out, in total submission!

1 DVD, 53 Minutes

Killer Instinct, Demi BarbitoKiller Instinct
The equivalent of 6 months of "usual" training, crammed into 1 DVD package. Get "full on" training in the shortest time humanly possible! Includes hand-to-hand lethal combat, ground fighting, improvised weapons, knives, and tactical gun handling!

1 DVD 1 Book, 149 Minutes

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