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Combat Tai Chi

Combat Tai Chi, Richard ClearInstructor: Richard Clear
Code: TAI   $97.00
Learn the secret Death Blow move in a matter of hours and transform your hands into deadly weapons when the time comes to defend yourself in a life or death confrontation.

2 DVD 1 Breaking Board, 227 Minutes

Real World Combat Advanced Package

Real World Combat Advanced Package, Glen BoodryInstructor: Glen Boodry
Code: RW   $177.00
The Full Glen Boodry Real World Combat DVD Course. Includes: Real World Hand to Hand Combat, Takedowns and Ground fighting, Close Quarters and Edged Weapons, DVD Bonus: Perceptions of Realities, 7 Keys to owning a hand gun.

4 DVD 1 Audio, 267 Minutes

Combat JKD

Combat JKD, Christophe ClugstonInstructor: Christophe Clugston
Code: CG   $97.00
This is the most honestly brutal, bam-BAM-and-you're-done kind of fighting you could ever imagine… and the best part is, it's especially easy for "non-fighting" types of people to master quickly!

2 DVD, 181 Minutes

Jim West Black Ops Knife

Jim West Black Ops Knife, Jim WestInstructor: Jim West
Code: JWK   $200.00
Fixed blade forged from D2 Air Hardened Tool Steel with a Titanium Carbo-Nitride PVD coating comes with a kydex sheath that can be customized to 11 different carry positions and a paracord wrapped handle.

2 Disc DVD Package, 1 Special Edition Knife, 5-1/2' paracord, 1 Certificate of Authenticity

Native American Fighting Secrets

Native American Fighting Secrets, Randall BrownInstructor: Randall Brown
Code: IF   $97.00
Learn both the traditional application of these Indian fighting skills (a real historical treasure) and the down and dirty ways to adapt those skills to today’s violent streets.

3 DVD, 223 Minutes


Enigma, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: ENG   $97.00
The most brutal unarmed move you can pull in a fight. It's called the "Leaping Face Ripper." The little-known but extremely effective “Nipple Tear” that lets him know you're 100% serious about hurting him.

2 DVD, 199 Minutes

X8 Stinger Knife Throwing Pak

X8 Stinger Knife Throwing Pak, WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: x8   $9.95
Become an expert fast! Amaze family, friends...everyone. Package includes 8 inch Stinger knife and 75 minute instructional DVD...FREE!

1 DVD 75 minutes, 1 Throwing Knife

TRS 325s Tactical Survival Folder

TRS 325s Tactical Survival Folder , WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: 325s   $50
This 325s Tactical Survival knife is a "spring action" blade for a blazing fast draw. Also has a cord cutter and a glass breaker. Amazing quality. Limited supply, so you are limited to 3 knives per order.

1 DVD 59 minutes, 1 Folding Knife

Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics

Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics, Tom CruseInstructor: Tom Cruse
Code: RST   $97.00
You will learn the field tested hand to hand moves proven to work. Plus you will learn some little-known secrets to defend yourself from a knife. Over 4 hours of intensive training.

3 DVD, 2 Training Knives, 237 Minutes

Delta SEAL Training Camp

Delta SEAL Training Camp, Various TalentsInstructor: Various Talents
Code: DS   $177.00
This DVD Package features actual Navy SEALS and U.S. Army DELTA veteran trainers with real-life combat experience instructing over a 4-day period. These tips are incredibly effective and easy to learn.

4 DVD 1 Audio, 503 Minutes

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