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Dale ComstockDale Comstock is a true American hero. He worked his way up through the US Army starting as a paratrooper, then a green beret, and finally made it into the elite Spec OPS ranks as a Delta Force Operator.

He served in 8 major military conflicts over the course of his 20 years serving in the Army. He received a silver star from the Army but turned it down because he was “just doing my job,” and was given a bronze star anyways.

During his 10 long years as a Delta Force Operator Dale worked as a surgical explosives expert and team sergeant. He also served as an instructor for the Delta’s Operator Training Course teaching self-defense.

Original content by Dale Comstock will teach you skills to keep you and your loved ones protected.

Products by Dale Comstock

Delta Mojo, Dale ComstockDelta Mojo
Super-advanced skills and bad-ass "jerry rigged" security devices that he's used all over the world to create safe havens for himself and his loved ones. Expert ballistics knowledge of your weapon!

2 DVD 1 Audio, 219 Minutes

Active Duty, Dale ComstockActive Duty
In this set you’ll learn: Quick take out” moves and effective targets on the body. What to never do in a streetfight and how to use your attacker’s own blood to shortcut your victory in any sudden fight. ..and much more.

2 DVD 1 Audio, 316 Minutes

American Combat Karate , Dale ComstockAmerican Combat Karate
This training package covers all the self-defense basics you need to know to keep you and your family safe. It is Dale’s own special blend of: Boxing, Grappling, and the real world skills he picked up from decades of life and death combat.

1 DVD, 76 Minutes

Dale Comstock Great Package, Dale ComstockDale Comstock Great Package
In this fantastic DVD package you will be receiving Dale Comstock's American Combat Karate and Active Duty.

3 DVD, 1 Audio, 392 Minutes

Dale Comstock Platinum Package, Dale ComstockDale Comstock Platinum Package
Featured in this amazing package is Dale Comstock's Active Duty, American Combat Karate, and Delta Mojo.

5 DVD, 2 Audio, 611 Minutes

Dale Comstock Shadow Blade, Dale ComstockDale Comstock Shadow Blade
The sharpest, most durable knife you will ever own. This is one gorgeous piece of equipment. The blade is a hefty 4mm – that’s 33% thicker than most other folding knives – and has been heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 58-­60 HRC. The blade is coated with Titanium Carbo­Nitride using a physical vapor deposition process

1 Combat Folder Knife, 1 Bug out Sharpening Stone, 1 Certificate of Authenticity

Survival Lock Picking, Dale ComstockSurvival Lock Picking
This incredible Survival Lock Picking kit -lock picks included, shows you how to pick open nearly any lock - including padlocks. Plus two bonuses, the "American Badass Survival Guide” and a Tracking DVD. It is worth $97, but you only pay $9.95 S&H.

2 DVD, 1 Lock Pick Set, 175 Minutes

American Bad-Ass Survival Guide 2, Dale ComstockAmerican Bad-Ass Survival Guide 2
This package is over SIX HOURS of intense and super practical how-to survival skills that can absolutely save your life. Skills like how to prepare a Day Bag, Bug Out Bag and Rucksack, Tactical Driving, and how to conduct a Fighting Withdrawl from your home.

4 DVD, 316 minutes

American Bad-Ass Survival Guide 3, Dale ComstockAmerican Bad-Ass Survival Guide 3
Military grade survival tactics PROVEN to work when the chips are down. You'll receive the rope knots and climbing bonus. Valuable skills, you'll probably start using right away. You will also receive the bonus: Building An Underground Hide Site illustrated guide. This is a blueprint for your permanent hide side. The final bonus being Lethal Termination Tactics.

4 DVD 1 E-Book, 174 Minutes

Bullet-Stopping BugOutBag, Dale ComstockBullet-Stopping BugOutBag
Lightweight, bulletproof backpack with various zippers and straps to compress down what is stored. Comes with a hidden sleeve in the interior to store and conceal guns. Lined with super-durable NIJ IIIA Body Armor - the highest level of portection you can get in soft body armor. For Domestic U.S. Sales Only

1 Bullet-Proof Bug Out Backpack, 2 Survival Shammies, 1 TRS 325s Tactical Folder, 2 DVD, 156 minutes

Spycraft Early Warning Booby Trap Kit, Dale ComstockSpycraft Early Warning Booby Trap Kit
The electronic Early Warning Kit is packed with 9 simple components to rig up your very own tripwire early warning system. Comes with a How-To DVD featuring Former Special Forces Operator Dale Comstock as your intstructor, who outlines step by step how to assemble your very own Early Warning Device.

1 Early Warning Kit, 1 How-To DVD, 21 Minutes

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