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Felix Valencia

Felix ValenciaFelix Valencia is a small man (barely 5'5") who doesn't have six-pack abs, or shirtsleeve-splitting biceps, or hands that can squeeze coal into diamonds yet he understands bare-handed fighting, and knife and stick fighting better than just about anyone else on the planet.

Felix has credentials that make world-class martial artists drool. He trained for 5 solid years with the great Dan Iansanto who was trained by the great Bruce Lee himself. He also became world-famous in his twenties as "Edgar's Brawler". That's Edgar G. Sulite, the grandmaster of Filipino fighting arts.

Cops and federal agents are begging for just a week of Felix's time - including SWAT teams from all over the nation, the CIA and FBI... and even the House of Champions martial arts school. The best of the best.

Products by Felix Valencia

Lameco Hand to Hand Fighting, Felix ValenciaLameco Hand to Hand Fighting
You've never seen moves like this before! New joint locks no one's used in this country yet, develop lightning-fast footwork, turn any handy weapon into a stick-fighting tool.

2 DVD, 110 Minutes

Ultimate Lameco Knife Fighting, Felix ValenciaUltimate Lameco Knife Fighting
In this package you learn the proper grip and stance to win a knife fight and how to exploit common "improper" stances you may face on the street. You'll also discover the brutal 12 angles of attack to take out an opponent quickly.

1 DVD, 74 Minutes

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