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Oleg TaktarovOleg Tactarov was introduced to FightFast by the much respected Vladimir Vasilev. He was teaching Russian fighting secrets that not even the U.S. military knew about. Stuff only the top Russian "super soldiers" understood.

Oleg snuck over to the U.S. with about a dozen Sambo world championships under his belt, won the Ultimate Fighting Challenge (against the previously undefeated and very pissed-off Tank McNamara, who outweighed Oleg by fifty pounds), and so impressed the American fighters that he was introduced to Hollywood producers and is now making movies, (you've probably seen Oleg with Robert DeNiro in "15 Minutes").

If you don't know how to fight to WIN when you're suddenly on your back under a slobbering goon who outweighs you by twenty pounds of testosterone-pumping muscle, then you need to know what Oleg teaches.

Products by Oleg Taktarov

International Warrior, Oleg TaktarovInternational Warrior
This DVD Package is jam-packed with simple skills you will need to win 99.99% of any fight you will ever get into. These moves are easy to learn and you'll "get" it right away.

2 DVD, 156 Minutes

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