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Ray EllingsenRay Ellingsen. Ray is one of the most respected martial artists in the business - a veteran trainer of streetfighting, he honed his breathtaking fighting skills by fighting hand-to-hand with the kind of human scum you can only hope you'll never run into yourself.

That's why the cops are so high on Ray. His specialized training has saved the lives of countless police officers (and federal agents). Ray can teach ANYONE how survive and win a fight against the "new" kind of criminal out there -- where there are no rules.

Products by Ray Ellingsen

Aggressive Smack Down Tactics, Ray EllingsenAggressive Smack Down Tactics
You'll suddenly be part of an exclusive handful of men walking the globe who knows these unique skills. Learn them today, use them tomorrow if need be. They work like crazy on the streets -- where it counts.

2 DVD, 122 Minutes

13 Crowbars , Ray Ellingsen13 Crowbars
End any fight in seconds, learn eight amazing "Upper Body Leverage" points, learn vicious way to freeze any attacker with severe pain and gain complete control of your opponent.

3 DVD, 126 Minutes

Carry, Conceal and Draw, Ray EllingsenCarry, Conceal and Draw
This package shows you how to effectively choose, carry and draw self-defense weapons. Simply carrying a weapon is useless if you cannot draw and utilize it when the chips are down. In this package you'll learn simple and effective carry positions to ensure that you weapon is quickly accessible in any situation.

1 DVD, 30 Minutes

Untouchables, Ray EllingsenUntouchables
Learn simple techniques to maintain balance and control in a street fight. In this package you'll learn basic striking techniques as well as specialized combinations to deal with the most common street attacks, including armed and unarmed defense against edged weapons.

1 DVD, 30 Minutes

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