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Tom Cruse

Tom CruseTom Cruse is a professional street fighter.

He's not like those martial arts "theorists" who spend all their time in a comfortable studio kicking the air, mediating, and eating sushi.

He's been in over 200 nasty streetfights... has been arrested and locked up about 30 times for fighting with a police record that he's not exactly proud of -- but at least proves he knows what he's talking about.

In his professional career, he's known around the world as the guy who personally trained the Navy SEALS in hand-to-hand combat. He's traveled to 14 different countries to teach packed seminars on streetfighting, with over 10,000 students worldwide. He's taught law enforcement officers, high-level government agencies, security specialists, private individuals, you name it.

Cruse is unique because he teaches what works -- because he learned streetfighting the hard way -- not in a classroom.

Products by Tom Cruse

Become a Street Fighter in 40 Hours, Tom CruseBecome a Street Fighter in 40 Hours
In this training package you'll learn the fundamental building blocks to adapt to any scenario with the best technique that works for you no matter who you're up against.

3 DVD, 237 Minutes

Ruthless Street Fighting Tactics, Tom CruseRuthless Street Fighting Tactics
You will learn the field tested hand to hand moves proven to work. Plus you will learn some little-known secrets to defend yourself from a knife. Over 4 hours of intensive training.

3 DVD, 2 Training Knives, 237 Minutes

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