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Vladimir Vasiliev

Vladimir VasilievVladamir Vasiliev is a 10 year veteran of the Spetsnaz (the Special Forces of the Soviet Union) He is also a practitioner of the Russian specialized hand to hand fighting system called Systema.

He is a veteran of 11 deep reconnaissance and POW recovery missions behind enemy lines. He has trained KGB hit-men, Kremlin bodyguards, and elite paratroopers and big-city Russian SWAT teams.

He has put together several DVD instruction packages which you can check out below

Products by Vladimir Vasiliev

GRU Insiders Package, Vladimir VasilievGRU Insiders Package
How to use your elbows like guided missiles and why almost every dojo and "Sport Combat" instructor is teaching this wrong. Exactly how to deliver blows using ONLY your chest. Perfect for situations where you're in a lot of trouble!

3 DVD, 294 Minutes

Defense Against Weapons, Vladimir VasilievDefense Against Weapons
Discover how to teach your body to dynamically and instinctually avoid or trap any edged or blunt weapon. This fluid system doesn't rely on choreographed step by step moves. The techniques teach you the fundamentals to react and control attackers in whatever situation you find yourself in. This package contains defense against knives, guns, and blunt weapons.

1 DVD, 91 Minutes

Holds, Releases and Attacks, Vladimir VasilievHolds, Releases and Attacks
Surprising kicks that no one expects, but which will put any attacker down in a heartbeat! Nearly a dozen really nasty, painful, and lightning fast takedowns that start the moment your opponent makes the stupid mistake of gripping your arm!

1 DVD, 110 Minutes

Russian Ground Fighting, Vladimir VasilievRussian Ground Fighting
This Russian groundfighting system is unlike anything you've ever seen. In addition to being totally natural, fluid, and easy to use, this Russian ground-fighting system is simply overwhelming in its ability to do extreme damage to your opponents.

2 DVD, 163 Minutes

Soviet Secrets, Vladimir VasilievSoviet Secrets
An ingenious way to use your teeth (that could only come from the Russians) on hidden "pressure points" that will leave your opponent helpless! In this package (includes Russian improvised weapons bonus disc)

2 DVD 1 Book, 203 Minutes

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