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Defense Against Guns

Advanced Gun Disarmament

Advanced Gun Disarmament , Bob TaylorInstructor: Bob Taylor
Code: AG   $69.00
You're about to purchase the most advanced training anywhere on using your weapon against an attacker without getting it taken away.

2 DVD, 82 Minutes

American Combat Karate

American Combat Karate , Dale ComstockInstructor: Dale Comstock
Code: AK   $69.00
This training package covers all the self-defense basics you need to know to keep you and your family safe. It is Dale’s own special blend of: Boxing, Grappling, and the real world skills he picked up from decades of life and death combat.

1 DVD, 76 Minutes

American Tactical Survival

American Tactical Survival, Jim WagnerInstructor: Jim Wagner
Code: WTS   $147.00
Created to Combat The Most Vicious Armed Attackers, AMERICAN TACTICAL RESPONSE Can Instantly Transform You Into A Mega-Dangerous Fighter With The SAME Brutal "Quick-Learn", Combat Tactics Taught To Elite Special Forces Around the World!

5 DVD, 373 Minutes

Be The Bodyguard

Be The Bodyguard, Gregg WooldridgeInstructor: Gregg Wooldridge
Code: GW   $97.00
Gregg Wooldrige brings his expertise to light in this amazing DVD package. Gregg shows you how to protect your loved ones with simple to learn moves and how to develop the mindset of a bodyguard.

3 DVD, 217 Minutes

Brutal Beyond Belief

Brutal Beyond Belief, Dr VInstructor: Dr V
Code: DR   $97.00
Dr. V will show you the bare essentials needed to completely dismantle any type of attacker. Whether it's hand to hand, ground, knife or gun, Dr. V has you covered. These techniques are so brutal, its beyond belief.

2 DVD, 171 Minutes

Russian Cop Skills

Russian Cop Skills, Yelena PawelaInstructor: Yelena Pawela
Code: YL   $69.00
You're about to order one of the simplest self-defense systems ever devised, and you can learn this system simply by watching it! Stun your attacker in seconds!

2 DVD 1 Audio, 139 Minutes

Slash and Defense Weapons

Slash and Defense Weapons, Richard ClearInstructor: Richard Clear
Code: SBW   $69.00
Quickly “clear” a weapon that is pointed at you… so you can take it away, and end the confrontation on your own terms. Learn an astonishing “full-body break” move that starts with a simple foot-hold and uses gravity to finish the job.

2 DVD 1 Weapon Keychain, 85 Minutes

Street Survival Skills

Street Survival Skills, Tony WalkerInstructor: Tony Walker
Code: TW   $69.00
Tony’s system is unique, but it takes its basic moves from three of the best fighting sources in the world. What he teaches you are the easiest-yet-most-effective moves. James Painter and his crew are back with vicious, easy to learn ground game tactics.

1 DVD, 62 Minutes

Stealth Domination

Stealth Domination , Michael TanInstructor: Michael Tan
Code: SD   $97.00
In this unique program you will learn to leave your opponent with the hmiliation of being under your total control, and he will be left with the searing memory of pan so intense his eyes will water every time he sees you.

2 DVD, 156

Vicious Protection

Vicious Protection, Tom MuzilaInstructor: Tom Muzila
Code: VI   $177.00
Tom Muzila's Vicious Protection DVD Series. Contains three DVD's with over 3 hours of instructional footage that covers knife, gun and multiple attacker situations.

3 DVD 1 Audio, 214 Minutes

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