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Ground Fighting

Street Safe III

Street Safe III, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: SB   $69.00
How to deal with "mass attacks" (when you're forced to fight off several guys at once) How to properly use “eye gouges" (most other “guru’s are simply wrong about this). Special "bites" that will destroy any attacker's will to fight.

1 DVD, 93 Minutes

Active Duty

Active Duty, Dale ComstockInstructor: Dale Comstock
Code: AD   $177.00
In this set you’ll learn: Quick take out” moves and effective targets on the body. What to never do in a streetfight and how to use your attacker’s own blood to shortcut your victory in any sudden fight. ..and much more.

2 DVD 1 Audio, 316 Minutes

Mike's 8 Steps To Winning

MikeInstructor: Mike Serr
Code: ME   $97.00
How to build a simple "modular" system of 8 decisive "fight enders" that will guarantee a clear mind and "never fail" fight strategy. A devastating "Ridge Hand" strike. How to make this the fastest strike possible and where to deliver this.

2 DVD, 115 Minutes

Become a Street Fighter in 40 Hours

Become a Street Fighter in 40 Hours, Tom CruseInstructor: Tom Cruse
Code: TC   $69.00
In this training package you'll learn the fundamental building blocks to adapt to any scenario with the best technique that works for you no matter who you're up against.

3 DVD, 237 Minutes

Advanced Combat Course

Advanced Combat Course, Frank CucciInstructor: Frank Cucci
Code: AC   $99.00
With the knife-fighting skills you'll learn from Frank's new video, you will soon be able to: Instantly "freeze" the knife when it's thrust at you, taking complete control of it immediately! -control the fight with a decisive blow!

1 DVD, 183 Minutes

Brutal Submissions On The Back

Brutal Submissions On The Back, Mark HatmakerInstructor: Mark Hatmaker
Code: BS   $49.00
Hatmaker decided to teach as many moves as he possibly could in the time available on this video collection. So he didn’t hold back. Over a hundred different moves all in the space of about 35 minutes.

1 DVD, 38 Minutes

Be The Bodyguard

Be The Bodyguard, Gregg WooldridgeInstructor: Gregg Wooldridge
Code: GW   $97.00
Gregg Wooldrige brings his expertise to light in this amazing DVD package. Gregg shows you how to protect your loved ones with simple to learn moves and how to develop the mindset of a bodyguard.

3 DVD, 217 Minutes

Real Blood Streetfighting

Real Blood Streetfighting, Tom ProctorInstructor: Tom Proctor
Code: RB   $69.00
See champion cage fighter Tom Proctor review, dissect and critique 10 real life cage fights. By watching this program you’ll learn many of the mistakes even trained fighters make and how to avoid these mistakes in the ring. After a review of each fight Tom shows you in the gym how to avoid or overcome these mistakes.

1 DVD, 69 Minutes

Bone Breakers

Bone Breakers, Terry Whister, Daniel AilesInstructor: Terry Whister, Daniel Ailes
Code: BNB   $97.00
James Painter and his crew are back with vicious, easy to learn ground game tactics. You'll learn devastating moves such as Mounted Chokes, Wrist Locks, Ankle Locks and Finishing Takedowns.

2 DVD, 105 Minutes

Clinches and Takedowns

Clinches and Takedowns , Rick McCoyInstructor: Rick McCoy
Code: RM   $69.00
Learning this kind of "Pro-level" stuff just rocks. There's nothing like the look of total astonishment on your opponent's face when he has no clue what you just did to put him away.

1 DVD, 95 Minutes

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