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Street Safe II

Street Safe II, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: DEV   $97.00
This amazing collection reveals "unfair" fighting secrets that can defeat even top level streetfighters! Just knowing the material in Paul's Street Safe II will put you in an entirely new category of fighter.

1 DVD, 83 Minutes

Street Safe III

Street Safe III, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: SB   $69.00
How to deal with "mass attacks" (when you're forced to fight off several guys at once) How to properly use “eye gouges" (most other “guru’s are simply wrong about this). Special "bites" that will destroy any attacker's will to fight.

1 DVD, 93 Minutes

Become a Street Fighter in 40 Hours

Become a Street Fighter in 40 Hours, Tom CruseInstructor: Tom Cruse
Code: TC   $69.00
In this training package you'll learn the fundamental building blocks to adapt to any scenario with the best technique that works for you no matter who you're up against.

3 DVD, 237 Minutes

Advanced Combat Course

Advanced Combat Course, Frank CucciInstructor: Frank Cucci
Code: AC   $99.00
With the knife-fighting skills you'll learn from Frank's new video, you will soon be able to: Instantly "freeze" the knife when it's thrust at you, taking complete control of it immediately! -control the fight with a decisive blow!

1 DVD, 183 Minutes

American Combat Karate

American Combat Karate , Dale ComstockInstructor: Dale Comstock
Code: AK   $69.00
This training package covers all the self-defense basics you need to know to keep you and your family safe. It is Dale’s own special blend of: Boxing, Grappling, and the real world skills he picked up from decades of life and death combat.

1 DVD, 76 Minutes

The Secret of Black Ops

The Secret of Black Ops, Mr.XInstructor: Mr.X
Code: BK   $69.00
There's no holds in this... no submissions... no grappling... just instant death moves.The ones learned and used only by the most elite combat "spec-op" soldiers... until now!

1 DVD, 120 Minutes

Carry, Conceal and Draw

Carry, Conceal and Draw, Ray EllingsenInstructor: Ray Ellingsen
Code: CC   $49.00
This package shows you how to effectively choose, carry and draw self-defense weapons. Simply carrying a weapon is useless if you cannot draw and utilize it when the chips are down. In this package you’ll learn simple and effective carry positions to ensure that you weapon is quickly accessible in any situation.

1 DVD, 30 Minutes

SEAL Team Unarmed Combat Course

SEAL Team Unarmed Combat Course, Frank CucciInstructor: Frank Cucci
Code: UC   $97.00
This amazing system was created to meet these basic requirements: The skills must be able to be learned quickly and remembered "viscerally". The system must be easy to use. There are never any "hard to master" moves, such as spinning head kicks.

2 DVD, 110 Minutes

Brutal Beyond Belief

Brutal Beyond Belief, Dr VInstructor: Dr V
Code: DR   $97.00
Dr. V will show you the bare essentials needed to completely dismantle any type of attacker. Whether it's hand to hand, ground, knife or gun, Dr. V has you covered. These techniques are so brutal, its beyond belief.

2 DVD, 171 Minutes

Tactical Folder Knife Fighting

Tactical Folder Knife Fighting, Hock HochheimInstructor: Hock Hochheim
Code: HK   $99.00
The skills you're about to learn are the exact skills used by street cops and front-line Marines and "deep" Spec Op agents...men who know that the most common weapon they'll go up against is the knife!

2 DVD, 157 Minutes

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