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Untouchables, Ray EllingsenInstructor: Ray Ellingsen
Code: UT   $39.00
Learn simple techniques to maintain balance and control in a street fight. In this package you’ll learn basic striking techniques as well as specialized combinations to deal with the most common street attacks, including armed and unarmed defense against edged weapons.

1 DVD, 30 Minutes

Ultimate Lameco Knife Fighting

Ultimate Lameco Knife Fighting, Felix ValenciaInstructor: Felix Valencia
Code: UK   $69.00
In this package you learn the proper grip and stance to win a knife fight and how to exploit common “improper” stances you may face on the street. You’ll also discover the brutal 12 angles of attack to take out an opponent quickly.

1 DVD, 74 Minutes

Vicious Street Fighting

Vicious Street Fighting, Richard RyanInstructor: Richard Ryan
Code: VSF   $97.00
Richard Ryan is a PIONEER in the reality-based martial arts. The techniques Ryan teaches are brutal, easy to master, and give you an instant edge.

3 DVD, 185 Minutes

Vicious Protection

Vicious Protection, Tom MuzilaInstructor: Tom Muzila
Code: VI   $177.00
Tom Muzila's Vicious Protection DVD Series. Contains three DVD's with over 3 hours of instructional footage that covers knife, gun and multiple attacker situations.

3 DVD 1 Audio, 214 Minutes

Wicked Weapons

Wicked Weapons, Various TalentsInstructor: Various Talents
Code: WW   $99.00
Ray makes his living as a bounty hunter in Los Angeles -- chasing down the meanest, nastiest, most violent criminals you could ever come across. In this program Ray shows you how to defend yourself with four handy, 100% legal, weapons.

1 Equalizer, 1 Ripper, 1 Wicked Weapons DVD 44 minutes

Pepper Shot Pen

Pepper Shot Pen, Pepper SpraysProduct Type: Pepper Sprays
Code: PR   $9.95
The Pepper Pen is a convenient and subtle way to carry the protection you need into any environment. The low key package houses a powerful self protection pepper spray delivery system. The unit contains 6-10 one second bursts of 10% Oleo Resin Capsicum rated at 2 million Scoville Heat Units (more than enough to take down an angry attacker) plus the mixture contains an identifying ultra violet dye.

X8 Stinger Knife Throwing Pak

X8 Stinger Knife Throwing Pak, WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: x8   $9.95
Become an expert fast! Amaze family, friends...everyone. Package includes 8 inch Stinger knife and 75 minute instructional DVD...FREE!

1 DVD 75 minutes, 1 Throwing Knife

TRS 325s Tactical Survival Folder

TRS 325s Tactical Survival Folder , WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: 325s   $50
This 325s Tactical Survival knife is a "spring action" blade for a blazing fast draw. Also has a cord cutter and a glass breaker. Amazing quality. Limited supply, so you are limited to 3 knives per order.

1 DVD 59 minutes, 1 Folding Knife

TRS Fang + Hardshell Sheath

TRS Fang + Hardshell Sheath, WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: fng   $80.00
The perfect blade for regular guys blade who just want an indestructible and super reliable knife on their side at all times. For work. For use around the house. And even for self-defense if need be. Carries so easily that you almost forget you even have it, until you need it.

1 FANG Knife, 1 Quick-Draw Hardshell Sheath, 1 Digital Video - 9 Minutes

TRS Gator Machete

TRS Gator Machete, WeaponsProduct Type: Weapons
Code: gtr   $89.00
Large serrated full-tang machete made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. The handle is made of an impenetrable, injection-molded extremely durable nylon. The overall length of the Gator Machete is 16 inches. Comes with a flexible double-stitched nylon sheath.

1 Gator Machete Knife, 1 Nylon Sheath

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