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V-Force Scientific Concepts

V-Force Scientific Concepts, Tommy DilalloInstructor: Tommy Dilallo
Code: VF   $97.00
The simplest "quick take out" moves ever devised for street fighting. How to obliterate multiple attackers fast, and almost too fast. Tommy has learned from experience just to assume that every street attack will involve multiple opponents.

8 DVD, 345 Minutes

Total Defense

Total Defense, Billy BurkeInstructor: Billy Burke
Code: TD   $69.00
The notorious "pre-emptive attack strikes" which allow you to take down an attacker in one "Blink and You'll Miss It" move.

2 DVD 1 Audio, 94 Minutes

Wing Tsjun

Wing Tsjun, Tommy BoehligInstructor: Tommy Boehlig
Code: WT   $69.00
Wing Tsjun is a powerful fighting technique consisting of very simple moves that will instantly end any confrontation right then and there. This is exactly the proven "bag of tricks" you want to beat the living crap out of anyone who threatens you.

3 DVD, 87 Minutes

ACT First Strategy

ACT First Strategy, Shannon StallardInstructor: Shannon Stallard
Code: AT   $69.00
Shannon Stallard is about to show you the astonishing scientific key to easily defeating larger, more aggressive opponents and even multiple attackers in just seconds.

1 DVD 1 Audio, 94 Minutes

X-Tec Fighting Systems

X-Tec Fighting Systems, Rick ReynoldsInstructor: Rick Reynolds
Code: XT   $69.00
The one huge mistake all inexperienced fighters make in their head that guarantees they will be turned into victims. Why your weight, strength, speed and agility are the least important parts of winning a street altercation!

1 DVD 1 Book, 156 Minutes

Delta Mojo

Delta Mojo, Dale ComstockInstructor: Dale Comstock
Code: DM   $69.00
Super-advanced skills and bad-ass "jerry rigged" security devices that he's used all over the world to create safe havens for himself and his loved ones. Expert ballistics knowledge of your weapon!

2 DVD 1 Audio, 219 Minutes

Comhrac Bas

Comhrac Bas, Christophe ClugstonInstructor: Christophe Clugston
Code: CB   $69.00
Comhrac Bas contains hyper-advanced "upper level" vicious and amazing fighting skills because of the revelation of a hyper-devastating, easy-to-learn and all-new fighting system that is perfect for both professionals... and for "average guys".

1 DVD, 154 Minutes

Survival Skills and Shelter

Survival Skills and Shelter, Bruce BeckInstructor: Bruce Beck
Code: SV   $69.00
The skills Bruce can teach you are a very cool combination of ancient wisdom and modern variations. You can learn everything he has to offer you just by watching his DVD! No practice or training necessary.

4 DVD, 158 Minutes

Advanced Hwa Rang Sul Package

Advanced Hwa Rang Sul Package, Jesse LechugaInstructor: Jesse Lechuga
Code: AH   $97.00
This modified system while based on a Korean style called Hwa Rang Sul - has proven so valuable in real-world combat that several Marine special units and huge metro police gang units have trained in it almost exclusively.

3 DVD 1 Clave, 183 Minutes

Native American Fighting Secrets

Native American Fighting Secrets, Randall BrownInstructor: Randall Brown
Code: IF   $97.00
Learn both the traditional application of these Indian fighting skills (a real historical treasure) and the down and dirty ways to adapt those skills to today’s violent streets.

3 DVD, 223 Minutes

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