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Kill Moves

Kill Moves, Derek SmithInstructor: Derek Smith
Code: KMV   $69.00
A shocking way to attack his heart, (it completely bypasses the protective layer of ribs and breastplate), without a weapon. The brutal bare-handed “voice box” shot that will instantly flood his airway and with thick, choking mucus. more..

2 DVD, 91 Minutes


Enigma, Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: ENG   $97.00
The most brutal unarmed move you can pull in a fight. It's called the "Leaping Face Ripper." The little-known but extremely effective “Nipple Tear” that lets him know you're 100% serious about hurting him.

2 DVD, 199 Minutes

Hardcore Street Fighting

Hardcore Street Fighting, Bruce DragoInstructor: Bruce Drago
Code: HS   $77.00
Best lesson you'll ever find in hardcore, reality-based street fighting tactics. This is what you'll use in the theater parking lot, at the ATM late, coming out of a club, or being stalked by muggers.

3 DVD, 134 Minutes

Escapes From Impossible Holds

Escapes From Impossible Holds, Mark HatmakerInstructor: Mark Hatmaker
Code: IH   $69.00
Mark Hatmaker reveals what almost NO ONE in the world has figured outMark Hatmaker reveals what almost NO ONE in the world has figured out… how to quickly ESCAPE from these "impossible" submission holds. Mark “the Professor” Hatmaker will reveal these skills to you in this exceptional collection.

2 DVD, 114 Minutes

Delta SEAL Training Camp

Delta SEAL Training Camp, Various TalentsInstructor: Various Talents
Code: DS   $177.00
This DVD Package features actual Navy SEALS and U.S. Army DELTA veteran trainers with real-life combat experience instructing over a 4-day period. These tips are incredibly effective and easy to learn.

4 DVD 1 Audio, 503 Minutes

Paul Vunak's All-Inclusive Package

Paul VunakInstructor: Paul Vunak
Code: VU   $97.00
This is a no-nonsense condensed fighting system designed for someone with limited time to practice who has never been a fighter.

4 DVD, 1 E-Book, 304 Minutes

Kung Fu San Soo

Kung Fu San Soo, Kathy LongInstructor: Kathy Long
Code: KF   $69.00
The cool "runway guide" trick that allows you to make perfect throat-strikes for instant results. The easy sweep-step secret that will allow you to maintain your "base" while driving his head down into the pavement.

1 DVD 1 Audio, 115 Minutes

Reality Ground Fighting

Reality Ground Fighting, Walt LysakInstructor: Walt Lysak
Code: WL   $97.00
Walt’s shortcut to world class groundfighting gives you the ability to devastate your opponent in seconds. These tips and tricks will provide you with the most cutting edge street groundfighting knowledge available anywhere on the planet.

4 DVDs 247 Minutes

GRU Insiders Package

GRU Insiders Package, Vladimir VasilievInstructor: Vladimir Vasiliev
Code: GR   $97.00
How to use your elbows like guided missiles and why almost every dojo and "Sport Combat" instructor is teaching this wrong. Exactly how to deliver blows using ONLY your chest. Perfect for situations where you're in a lot of trouble!

3 DVD, 294 Minutes

Fight to Win

Fight to Win, Jim WestInstructor: Jim West
Code: JW   $97.00
In this amazing Fight To Win collection Jim “Smokey” West will show you how to learn the rawest, dirtiest, must win fighting skills that will transform you (whenever you're in danger) into the most vicious, take-care-of-business fighter imaginable!

2 DVD, 297 Minutes

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