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Defense Against Weapons

Defense Against Weapons, Vladimir VasilievInstructor: Vladimir Vasiliev
Code: DF   $49.00
Discover how to teach your body to dynamically and instinctually avoid or trap any edged or blunt weapon. This fluid system doesn’t rely on choreographed step by step moves. The techniques teach you the fundamentals to react and control attackers in whatever situation you find yourself in. This package contains defense against knives, guns, and blunt weapons.

1 DVD, 91 Minutes

Down and Dirty Street Fighting

Down and Dirty Street Fighting, Tom ProctorInstructor: Tom Proctor
Code: DD   $69.00
You can learn cage fighting secrets and the techniques that are so effective, you will finally become that invincible, unstoppable fighter that no one in their right mind would ever want to mess with.

1 DVD, 45 Minutes

Brutal Beyond Belief

Brutal Beyond Belief, Dr VInstructor: Dr V
Code: DR   $97.00
Dr. V will show you the bare essentials needed to completely dismantle any type of attacker. Whether it's hand to hand, ground, knife or gun, Dr. V has you covered. These techniques are so brutal, its beyond belief.

2 DVD, 171 Minutes

Street Soldier Science Fitness

Street Soldier Science Fitness, Diallo FrazierInstructor: Diallo Frazier
Code: DW   $19.95
You'll be astonished at how simply and quickly "Gettin' Ripped" will get your muscles tightened-up while injecting your mind and body with the 5 secrets to throwing jabs, simple footwork tricks and powerful kicks.

1 DVD, 57 Minutes

Executive Pack

Executive Pack, Various TalentsInstructor: Various Talents
Code: EXP   $349.00
Instantly quadruple your power to win any fight against any opponent using ONLY the skills you possess right now. Learn the rawest, must win fighting skills that will transform you into the most vicious, take-care-of-business fighter imaginable! In this package you will receive the following titles: Paul Vunak's Street Safe and Street Safe II, Diallo Frazier's Ghetto Blocks, Dale Comstock's American Combat Karate, John Nottingham's Viper Street Combat, Bob Taylor's Unarmed and Fearless, Dr. V's Brutal Beyond Belief, James Painter's Rock N Roll Prison Fighting, Tommy Dilallo V-Force, Mike Serr Bar Room Tactics, Bruce Drago's Hardcore Streetfighting.

26 DVD, 3 Audio, 27 Hours 45 Minutes

Live Without Fear

Live Without Fear, Tom CarterInstructor: Tom Carter
Code: FR   $97.00
Learn the secrets of providing an invisible "crime-proof" shief around yourself and your loved ones. You'll get inside the mindset of attackers and know what to do in the most intense violent situations.

2 DVD, 169 Minutes

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious, Jacob BresslerInstructor: Jacob Bressler
Code: FF   $69.00
Jacov reveals his most important "single lesson to street level fighting mastery" and improvised weapons lessons that are quick and easy to learn. You'll be practically invulnerable in any real-world fight.

2 DVD, 125 Minutes

Fight Fire with Fire

Fight Fire with Fire, Demi BarbitoInstructor: Demi Barbito
Code: FI   $29.95
Devastate your opponent with these vicious new tactics in self defense with pepper spray and build confidence over night.

1 DVD, 23 Minutes

Ghetto Counter Attacks + Ghetto Blocks

Ghetto Counter Attacks + Ghetto Blocks, Diallo FrazierInstructor: Diallo Frazier
Code: GGA   $99.00
The terrifying "Jaw Clinch" that'll rip holes clean through his cheek to deliver instant shock and dismay. this system is regarded for being highly effective in defending yourself against ANY attacker.

4 DVD, 1 Audio, 336 Minutes

Guard Submissions

Guard Submissions, Mark HatmakerInstructor: Mark Hatmaker
Code: GS   $49.00
Mat Hatmaker has taken the science and art of ground-fighting to a whole new level in this incredible package. This DVD package teachers you exactly what you have to do in ANY situation.

1 DVD, 40 Minutes

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