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Billy Burke

Billy BurkeBilly Burke has a combat record that forces other Spec Op veterans to shut up and sit quietly whenever he enters a room. With the super-secret Delta "insider-insider" first-in combat teams, he has 21 years experience of slaughtering enemies in the Persian Gulf, Grenada, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Iran and Malaysia.

Billy Burke's skill at doing this using amazingly new hand-to-hand tactics (that few fighters have ever seen before) caused Delta to force him to become their "go-to" Advanced Op Instructor.

Billy Burke knows how to teach you how to fight. Because he's an expert at taking men and force-feeding these super-advanced skills into their bodies in the shortest time humanly possible.

He's a 5th-degree black belt in five different styles (including Hapkido, Shodokan Karate and Tang Soo Do).

He's also an enthusiastic street fighter so he learned early what part of that black belt stuff actually works in no-holds-barred fighting.

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