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Miscellaneous Weapons

TRS Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap, WeaponsTRS Conceal-N-Carry Spy Cap
SKU: CAP   $39
Black ball cap with four secret pockets sewn into the extra think liner. The hat is constructed from tightly woven cotton poly-twill fabric. The structured bill is 3/8th inches thick - twice as thick as a regular ball cap. The opening for each pocket is 3-inches wide with a sturdy velcro strip that seals the pouch closed. There is a 1-inch wide triple stitched flap that folds over the whole work to conceal the pockets.

1 Conceal & Carry Spy Cap, 1 Mini Razor Knife, 1 Solid Brass Handcuff Key, 1 Digital Video - 15 min

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TRS Spike, Jim WestTRS Spike
Instructor: Jim West
SKU: SPIKE   $49.00
Seven inches of fiberglass reinforced nylon, comes with an elastic sheath for easy concealment, extra paracord and an instructional DVD starring former Black Ops Soldier Jim West.

1 TRS Spike, 1 Sheath, 1 Paracord Strip

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Cane Warfare DVDs + Oak Fighting Cane, Various TalentsCane Warfare DVDs + Oak Fighting Cane
Instructor: Various Talents
SKU: CANEW   $177.00
Develop new and simple methods of self defense with an improvised weapon that often goes overlooked; the cane. In this DVD program Ray Ellingsen demonstrates brutal, easy-to-learn cane tactics.

2 DVD 1 Cane, 108 Minutes

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Ball Bustin Shoe Spikes, WeaponsBall Bustin Shoe Spikes
SKU: BUSTR   $49
Hard as steel and unbreakable -- they fit neatly between shoelaces to instantly transform your feet into a seriously dangerous weapon.

1 set of Shoe Spikes, 1 DVD - 71 minutes

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TRS Neck-Whip, Mark HatmakerTRS Neck-Whip
Instructor: Mark Hatmaker
SKU: NECK   $69
Black leather braided neck whip with magnetic quick release clasp. DVD instruction features techniques for using the neck whip taught by Mark Hatmaker.

1 Neck Whip, 1 DVD - 106 minutes

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Wicked Weapons, Various TalentsWicked Weapons
Instructor: Various Talents
SKU: WEPON   $99.00
Ray makes his living as a bounty hunter in Los Angeles -- chasing down the meanest, nastiest, most violent criminals you could ever come across. In this program Ray shows you how to defend yourself with four handy, 100% legal, weapons.

1 Equalizer, 1 Ripper, 1 Wicked Weapons DVD 44 minutes

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