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TRS Ultra-Alert K9 Training DVD Package, Dale ComstockTRS Ultra-Alert K9 Training DVD Package
Instructor: Dale Comstock
SKU: K9ULT   $177
Vital how-to information that will quickly transform any dog into a well-behaved, obedient, and loyal companion that will not only act as your personal alert system but can also serve as a viciously effective body guard.

1 digital manual, 2 DVD - 317 minutes

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Unleashed Protection: Advanced K9 Training, Dale ComstockUnleashed Protection: Advanced K9 Training
Instructor: Dale Comstock
SKU: ADVK9   $500
Advanced short cut secrets to training a top level guard dog. Just two five minute sessions a day will transform an obedient dog into your own personal bodyguard who can attack on command.

1 DVD - 112 Minutes

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