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Delta Mojo, Dale ComstockDelta Mojo
Instructor: Dale Comstock
SKU: DLTMJ   $69.00
Super-advanced skills and bad-ass "jerry rigged" security devices that he's used all over the world to create safe havens for himself and his loved ones. Expert ballistics knowledge of your weapon!

2 DVD 1 Audio, 219 Minutes

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American Bad-Ass Survival Guide 3, Dale ComstockAmerican Bad-Ass Survival Guide 3
Instructor: Dale Comstock
SKU: ABSA3   $129.00
Military grade survival tactics PROVEN to work when the chips are down. You'll receive the rope knots and climbing bonus. Valuable skills, you'll probably start using right away. You will also receive the bonus: Building An Underground Hide Site illustrated guide. This is a blueprint for your permanent hide side. The final bonus being Lethal Termination Tactics.

4 DVD 1 E-Book, 174 Minutes

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