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Modern American Gunslinger, Paul AbelModern American Gunslinger
Instructor: Paul Abel
SKU: GNSLG   $97.00
This is two hours of the most intense and comprehensive handgun training you will find anywhere, taught to you by seven super-respect world class experts. America Gunslinger Training Manual. 30 fully illustrated pages that complement the DVD.The Modern American Gunslinger Kit contains American Flag Pin

1 Support The 2nd Pin, 1 DVD, 1 Digital Manual, 1 Audio Bonus

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GRU Insiders Package, Vladimir VasilievGRU Insiders Package
Instructor: Vladimir Vasiliev
SKU: GRU   $97.00
How to use your elbows like guided missiles and why almost every dojo and "Sport Combat" instructor is teaching this wrong. Exactly how to deliver blows using ONLY your chest. Perfect for situations where you're in a lot of trouble!

3 DVD, 294 Minutes

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Be The Bodyguard, Gregg WooldridgeBe The Bodyguard
Instructor: Gregg Wooldridge
SKU: BDYGD   $97.00
Gregg Wooldrige brings his expertise to light in this amazing DVD package. Gregg shows you how to protect your loved ones with simple to learn moves and how to develop the mindset of a bodyguard.

3 DVD, 217 Minutes

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