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GRU Insiders Package, Vladimir VasilievGRU Insiders Package
Instructor: Vladimir Vasiliev
SKU: GRU   $97.00
How to use your elbows like guided missiles and why almost every dojo and "Sport Combat" instructor is teaching this wrong. Exactly how to deliver blows using ONLY your chest. Perfect for situations where you're in a lot of trouble!

3 DVD, 294 Minutes

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Extreme Close Quarters, Demi BarbitoExtreme Close Quarters
Instructor: Demi Barbito
SKU: EXTRM   $69.00
Instantly recover from any surprise attack (even if you were sound asleep in your bed) with immediate tactics that will blind and disorient your assailant with unbearable pain. Put him down and out, in total submission!

1 DVD, 53 Minutes

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Stealth Domination , Michael TanStealth Domination
Instructor: Michael Tan
SKU: STLTH   $97.00
In this unique program you will learn to leave your opponent with the hmiliation of being under your total control, and he will be left with the searing memory of pan so intense his eyes will water every time he sees you.

2 DVD, 156

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