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Bruce Drago

Bruce DragoBruce Drago holds multiple black belts. He has been inducted into the International Black Belt Hall of Fame, and has won the Master Instructor of the Year Award.

Bruce has worked as a body guard for well-known celebrities, politicians, and fortune 500 business men. Aside from his work as a body guard he has also worked as a bounty hunter, and is a martial arts instructor.

Bruce has the kind of real world fighting experience you need in a self-defense instructor. He has been in hundreds of street fights and never lost.

Products by Bruce Drago

Hardcore Street Fighting, Bruce DragoHardcore Street Fighting
Best lesson you'll ever find in hardcore, reality-based street fighting tactics. This is what you'll use in the theater parking lot, at the ATM late, coming out of a club, or being stalked by muggers.

3 DVD, 134 Minutes

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