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Hock Hochheim

Hock HochheimHock Hochheim is the most respeted knife-fighting trainer in the world with astonishing credentials.

He's an ex-soldier, homocide cop, private detective, celebrity bodyguard, Martial Arts Hall Of Fame inductee, 10th degree Uan Black Belt, 3rd degree black belt in Filipino "konbatan" (awarded title of "Guru" in Manila), black belts in Aiki-Jitsu, Kempo and Modern Arnis.

He's also and instructor for the Texoma Regional Police Academy, and trainer for SWAT and Spec Op forces worldwide.

Products by Hock Hochheim

Tactical Folder Knife Fighting, Hock HochheimTactical Folder Knife Fighting
The skills you're about to learn are the exact skills used by street cops and front-line Marines and "deep" Spec Op agents...men who know that the most common weapon they'll go up against is the knife!

2 DVD, 157 Minutes

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