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John Nottingham

John NottinghamJohn Nottingham is the notorious former Airborne soldier who was issued official unit duty orders to teach his special talents to "first in/last out" Special Forces. (Including students from the Green Berets, SEALS, and CIA.)

Got that? He is so friggin' good, the military brass ORDERED him to teach Spec Op guys. Because he has "the stuff". John competed internationally in martial arts, and was rated in the nation's "Top Ten" bad-to-the-bone martial artists. "Master" Black belt... 20 years experience... this guy is the real thing a thousand times over.

Products by John Nottingham

Viper Combat Training, John NottinghamViper Combat Training
This VIPER Street Combat collection offers you highly effective training of your simple gross motor skills, just slightly "re-aligned" so you are suddenly a walking arsenal of brutal, lethal weapons.

1 DVD 1 Audio, 131 Minutes

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