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James PainterJames Painter is someone you don't want to mess with!

James Painter didn't set out to be a self-defense master, but serving 37 months in Federal Prison forced him to either learn the down and dirty jailhouse fighting secrets or get beaten to a pulp on a regular basis.

While on the inside, James Painter discovered the ultra-secret jailhouse fighting system called Rock and Roll. This system is the product of years of experience inside cramped prisons where anything goes and the dirtiest fighter always wins. The "lifers" who developed the system had nothing to lose except their lives, which gave them the freedom to use whatever means necessary to save their skin in the big house.

James Painter releases all of these secrets in his 2 Disc Rock & Roll Prison Fighting System DVD Package.

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Rock N Roll Prison Fighting, James PainterRock N Roll Prison Fighting
The super-painful, special "soft" targets you'll learn about are on everybody... and, when you know how to "access" them, you'll be the most feared person in the room. The weapon almost all systems avoid because it is just too brutal and unsettling.

2 DVD, 103 Minutes

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