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Mike GoldbachMike Goldbach was born with the heart of a warrior. He spent 20 years pursuing a first degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu karate... taught hand-to-hand combat to his fellow soldiers in the Army... trained with Chai Sirisute -- the Godfather of American Thai -- kickboxing who intensely trained Dan Ionsanto, (Bruce Lee's partner in creating Jeet Kune Do, and brought it to national prominence.)...

... and discovered a newer, simpler and yet more viciously effective style of fighting than any thing he had ever he had ever encountered.

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Combat Thai Kick Boxing, Mike GoldbachCombat Thai Kick Boxing
This amazing fighting system will have you prepared for any confrontation any time overnight with no training needed. You will be able to take down opponents of any size, skill and carrying any type of weapon.

2 DVD, 154 Minutes

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