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Michael Tan

Michael TanYou may have never heard of him... but the "insiders" in martial arts know and fear Michael Tan. He's maybe 140 pounds soaking wet, and insists he's 5'6", though he looks much shorter yet he regularly takes out multiple opponents TWICE his size.

He did a notorious 5-year stint in a special Marine and is one of the ONLY people outside Japanese royalty or direct Samurai descent to EVER be allowed to learn the battlefield Samurai art of Daito Ryu. (That's the 800-year-old nasty art considered the "father art" of bushido and aikido.)

Michael spent 2 years becoming a master under the direct tutelage of Katsumi Yonezewa (I'm sure you know who this "master of masters" is). He has TWICE been nominated to the U.S. Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame. HUGE honor (as you know)... and he's done security work for the Beach Boys, heavy metal bad boys like RATT, and is BEGGED by Oakland and Los Angeles bar owners to be their bouncer.

Products by Michael Tan

Stealth Domination , Michael TanStealth Domination
In this unique program you will learn to leave your opponent with the hmiliation of being under your total control, and he will be left with the searing memory of pan so intense his eyes will water every time he sees you.

2 DVD, 156

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