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Tom ProctorTom Proctor is an unassuming guy known as the fighter no black belt will fight anymore. He can't get guys to meet him in the cage. He is undefeated (17-0) in both legal cage fights (with the International Sport Combat Federation), and illegal "pit" fights (put on by private money). In the heavyweight division.

But here's the kicker: Tom is 45 years old, and about twenty pounds shy of actually being a heavyweight! The guys he faced were bigger(by far), younger and in their prime, and more experienced in no-rules fighting.

And here comes Tom into the cage - shorter, old as dirt, looking almost frail next to the heavyweight monsters he was to fight, showing none of the prowess these "real" fighters expected. They licked their chops and the cage door slammed shut.

Results: Tom put them all down. Fast.

Products by Tom Proctor

Cage Fighting Package, Tom ProctorCage Fighting Package
This collection demonstrates the techniques alternating back and forth between the cage and the street to show you the methods for both winning a submission and gaining an escape or eliminating the threat of a violent attack.

3 DVD, 236 Minutes

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