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Multiple Attackers

The Secret of Black Ops, Mr.XThe Secret of Black Ops
Instructor: Mr.X
SKU: BKGLD   $69.00
There's no holds in this... no submissions... no grappling... just instant death moves.The ones learned and used only by the most elite combat "spec-op" soldiers... until now!

1 DVD, 120 Minutes

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SEAL Team Unarmed Combat Course, Frank CucciSEAL Team Unarmed Combat Course
Instructor: Frank Cucci
SKU: CUCCI   $97.00
This amazing system was created to meet these basic requirements: The skills must be able to be learned quickly and remembered "viscerally". The system must be easy to use. There are never any "hard to master" moves, such as spinning head kicks.

2 DVD, 110 Minutes

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Stealth Domination , Michael TanStealth Domination
Instructor: Michael Tan
SKU: STLTH   $97.00
In this unique program you will learn to leave your opponent with the hmiliation of being under your total control, and he will be left with the searing memory of pan so intense his eyes will water every time he sees you.

2 DVD, 156

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Vicious Protection, Tom MuzilaVicious Protection
Instructor: Tom Muzila
SKU: VICIS   $177.00
Tom Muzila's Vicious Protection DVD Series. Contains three DVD's with over 3 hours of instructional footage that covers knife, gun and multiple attacker situations.

3 DVD 1 Audio, 214 Minutes

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