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Pepper Spray Keychain

Pepper Spray Keychain, Pepper SpraysPepper Spray Keychain
SKU: PEPKC   $6.95
1/2 ounce (15 grams) Pepper Shot pepper spray with Quick Key Release key chain and locking actuator. Effective up to 8 feet. Contains 5 one second bursts. Pepper Shot is a 10% pepper spray rated at 2 million scoville heat units.

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Combat Survival Kit + Pepper Spray Keychain, Various TalentsCombat Survival Kit + Pepper Spray Keychain
Instructor: Various Talents
SKU: COMSV   $150.00
15 ultra-vicious show stoppers designed to end any confrontation in 4-7 seconds. Simple moves that you can get by watching just once and yet have for the rest of your days.

2 DVD, 1 Pepper Spray Keychain, 1 Audio Bonus, 98 minutes

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